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September 20, 2023

GitHub - aidin36/tocc: A tag based file management system.

A tag based file management system. Somewhat similar to TMSU the metadata management works a little differently.

Where tmsu lets files lie where they are and uses last-changed and hashes (I believe?) to identify files,
tocc makes you 'import' files into a special tocc-managed directory.
You can assign tags same as with TMSU (though it does not have tag=value tags).

It also provides a toccfs, similar to the tmsu fs, to find your files in, e.g. tocc-fs-mountpoint/tag1/tag2/tag3/files. It will show tags as directories and files as files, very simple.

Having tocc manage the directory to me is worse than the simple hidden directory of TMSU,
but doing so means the directory does not have to constantly be repaired like TMSU does whenever a file is changed
(or moved but you can't move in tocc-land anyway).

The tocc fs seems a little simpler in approach and I really like it, may prefer it to the TMSU query/tags substructures.