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October 10, 2021

The homely mutt - local e-mail setup

A comprehensive writeup of setting up offlineimap, mutt, and notmuch.

Being a bit older it does not consider isync/mbsync nor neomutt - but the ideas and logic behind decisions is explained very well.

Creating a local email setup with mbsync + msmtp + neomutt + notmuch

Fully localized, one of the rare guides using neomutt instead of mutt as well as msmtp for mail relay.

How I use tailscale - Stan's blog

A review of Tailscale, "a secure network that just works".

Uses wireguard to create an encrypted tunnel between all your devices. Automatically takes care of NAT, DNS, and similar.
Essentially makes it really easy to set up your true private network within the wider one.

Also comes with 'taildrop' which mimics airdrop to easily transfer any files between your devices,
but do so without any involvement of external cloud services and completely encrypted.