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May, 2024

GitHub - magicmonty/sonicpi.nvim: A neovim Plugin for Sonic Pi

A neovim Plugin for Sonic Pi.

Live audio programming from the best editor! There is also a vimscript version for pure vim (

GitHub - grame-cncm/faust: Functional programming language for signal processing and sound synthesis

Functional audio programming language.

Non-lispy (thus different to Nyquist lang) but still (purely?) functional.

Have not tried it too much but comes with a webIDE like most other audio programming languages and a nice array of examples.

GitHub - supercollider/supercollider: An audio server, programming language, and IDE for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition.

An audio server, programming language, and IDE for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition - split into the three separate components.

More complicated (but perhaps more flexible) than e.g. sonic-pi.

Learn SQL for Analytics

Are you looking to enhance your data skills and become proficient in SQL? We just posted a comprehensive, 11-hour SQL course on the YouTube channel. It will teach you to handle complex database queries. (Vlad Gheorghe)

A giant course going over many of the 'functions' of SQL. Good but long, and you will need to consult additional sources to connect many of the concepts to the bigger picture.

GitHub - spion/adbfs-rootless: Mount Android phones on Linux with adb. No root required.

Perhaps the best way to mount your android phone storage into the PC.

I found it to be more stable and useful than similar projects such the various mtp fs implementations.

GitHub - schollz/miti: miti is a musical instrument textual interface

miti is a musical instrument textual interface. Basically, its MIDI, but with human-readable text.

Program your midi, let your midi program you!

GitHub - overtone/overtone: Collaborative Programmable Music

Collaborative Programmable Music.

Built on clojure and a large library of 'musical functions' (scales, chords and so on). Possibly originally a fork of SuperCollider? Not sure.

EDIT: Nevermind, it uses SuperCollider under the hood but puts the clojure dialect on top. Interesting!

Have not tried it, does not provide a webIDE but seems very powerful.

GitHub - ccrma/chuck: ChucK Music Programming Language

ChucK Music Programming Language - audio programming,

a little older and a little more 'stale' documentation (being on a princeton edu html-only page) but it seems a really nice eco system.

Comes with a webIDE and can take many plugins (or, chugins).

GitHub - WoeUSB/WoeUSB-ng: WoeUSB-ng is a simple tool that enable you to create your own usb stick windows installer from an iso image or a real DVD. This is a rewrite of original WoeUSB.

Simple: Create windows install media (on USB) from any image file. Nice!

GitHub - KrumpetPirate/AAXtoMP3: Convert Audible's .aax filetype to MP3, FLAC, M4A, or OPUS

Basically a wrapper around the ffmpeg conversion functionality.

Takes care of some things like entering metadata, can optionally receive an audible authcode, and provides some convenience. I would nevertheless suggest directly using ffmpeg itself and grabbing the authcode from one of your files directly.

GitHub - BespokeSynth/BespokeSynth: Software modular synth

Software modular synth.

Patch a wide variety of sound/effect modules together to create some truly nice sounds.

  • everything works through a GUI and has a super large array of possible states.
XXIIVV — orca - Esoteric audio programming

A weird audio programming language, more esoteric than aimed to be easily digestible afaik.

Written in 2 dimensions and using individual lower-/upper-case letters to program live it creates - interesting sounds.

Would defer to other languages for bigger sound creation projects but it is very interesting.

Nyquist language

An (older?) audio programming langauge ("sound synthesis and composition").

I'm not very familiar with this one but it is a LISP dialect, so presumably much nicer for those lispy functional types.

GitHub - sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi: Code. Music. Live.

Code. Music. Live.

Simple live audio coding language, made originally for the raspberry.

Updating all AUR packages dependant on python - r/archlinux

When archlinux switches to a new python base version, the AUR packages installed with an AUR helper do not automatically re-install themselves for the new environment.

End result is that most AUR python-dependent packages now error out with missing module errors (since they are looking in the old python env).

To show packages which have any of their files located in the python lib directory (i.e. all python-dependent packages):

pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.8/

Here's how to find and reinstall packages depending on a certain base package or path (take care of how to input either path or package!):

pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.8/ | paru -S --rebuild -
pactree -r qt-base --depth 1 -l | paru -Ta | paru -S - --rebuild
yay -S --rebuildall --noconfirm $(yay -Qqo /usr/lib/python3.8/)
GitHub - typst/hayagriva: Rusty bibliography management.

A 'simplified' bibliography reference format like bibtex or biblatex.

Uses yaml under the hood and is super simple to understand:

    type: Article
    title: Kinetics and luminescence of the excitations of a nonequilibrium polariton condensate
    author: ["Doan, T. D.", "Tran Thoai, D. B.", "Haug, Hartmut"]
    doi: "10.1103/PhysRevB.102.165126"
    page-range: 165126-165139
    date: 2020-10-14
        type: Periodical
        title: Physical Review B
        volume: 102
        issue: 16
        publisher: American Physical Society

One interesting fact is that it uses one (or multiple) 'parent' keys to signify where something is from which in turn use the same simple keys (type, title, ...) as the original document to describe themselves.
So, instead of a million individual keys to describe an entry we use a more recursive format with each having the same couple keys.
This could be really interesting for a closer papis integration with its standard yaml format for example.

Format readme here.

I am not sure how 'mature' the format is, however.
It has been created for the typst typesetting language afaik, and that is still pretty new/fluctuating as of now as well.