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Week 48 (November 27, 2023)

GitHub - 01mf02/jaq: A jq clone focussed on correctness, speed, and simplicity

A jq clone focussed on correctness, speed, and simplicity

jq in a different dress. As far as I can see the syntax is esentially the same but it is faster and wants to be 'correct'. Neat!

GitHub - lindell/multi-gitter: Update multiple repositories in with one command

Update multiple repositories in with one command.

Similar to git-xargs but seems to work for repositories not hosted on Github. Takes any kind of script and applies it to all repositories you pass in. Very nice! Only the name is a bit worse.

GitHub - tomnomnom/gron: Make JSON greppable!


Super awesome for de-structuring json responses to then simply work with through grep or other text-only speaking stream tools on the command line.

GitHub - martanne/abduco: abduco provides session management for the terminal

abduco provides session management i.e. it allows programs to be run independently from its controlling terminal. That is programs can be detached - run in the background - and then later reattached. Together with dvtm it provides a simpler and cleaner alternative to tmux or screen.
(dvtm being a terminal window manager to have multiple tabs or buffers)

However, on its own it can also bring session management to something like wezterm which has amazing window management on its own but no real session management. Very neat and 'unix-y'

GitHub - tidwall/jj: JSON Stream Editor (command line utility)

JSON Stream Editor (command line utility).

Another similar-but-different query language based tool to jq - just with what seems like much simpler syntax at least for simple queries.
Not sure how well it fares for more advanced requirements, but it might just do fine.

GitHub - gruntwork-io/git-xargs: git-xargs is a command-line tool (CLI) for making updates across multiple Github repositories with a single command

Very interesting, the name basically gives the game away.
You give the tool a list of git(hub) repositories and a command (or more advanced script files) and it runs it against them.

You could for example create a file in each one. Or change some variable. Or grep and sed something from one thing to another thing. Or or or.

Honestly not seeing myself using it that often - but the fact it exists is fascinating to me, and the naming is just genius. Though I am a little sad that it seems to only work for Github projects.

GitHub - bwconrad/ranger-kdeconnect: Ranger plugin to send files through KDE Connect

A small python script to send files through KDEConnect - can presumably be adapted for any other non-ranger related use (e.g. other TUI fm such as nnn, xplr or vifm) or even just as a one-off script to be invoked

GitHub - daeh/zotero-markdb-connect: Zotero plugin that links your Markdown database to Zotero

Zotero plugin that links your Markdown database to Zotero. Jump directly from Zotero Items to connected Markdown files. Automatically tags Zotero Items so you can easily see which papers you've made notes for

GitHub - wader/fq: jq for binary formats - tool, language and decoders for working with binary and text formats

jq for binary formats - tool, language and decoders for working with binary and text formats

I suppose the description says it all. There are some usage examples on the README.md and they look avery intriguing - basically exploring an mp3 file kinda like through a hexdump/hexviewer but with jq-like query language built in

GitHub - adamritter/fastgron: High-performance JSON to GRON

Same thing as GRON - turn JSON into stream-friendly (i.e. greppable) destructured text.
Just faster! I suppose. Haven't really tried it myself

GitHub - yamafaktory/jql: A JSON Query Language CLI tool

A JSON Query Language CLI tool. A little like the venerable jq a little not, has different selection (or 'query') syntax.

Basically you pass in JSON to select specific JSON from whatever data.
Feels a little weird to me at first, but might actually be easier for intermediate/advanced use cases then the mind-bending mess jq sometimes turns into for me

(or rather, the constant trial and error with jiq that it turns into)

Download and play torrents | Webtor.io

Paste any magnet link/ info hash or open the torrent file and start downloading or watching torrent content safely and anonymously through your web browser. Works instantly without client and registration!

Can stream videos, download files, and a little more - very neat!