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March 17, 2021

List of Projects using tesseract to ocr things

Includes gui and cli options, but as far as I can see not more involved setups like https://github.com/jonaswinkler/paperless-ng .

Node RED Programming Guide – Programming the IoT

An absolutely amazing guide and introduction into NodeRED programming (and the idea of flow-based and IoT programming in general).

It is sorted by examples and the chapters go deep into creating useful flows. Really, really good.

(Nvim) Lua for Javascripters: Spawning Processes

A quick overview on how to handle async processes in luv in Neovim.

Uses example of spawning a pandoc process, which is a good example starting point for reviewing implementations.

jsonata/tutorial.md at master · jsonata-js/jsonata · GitHub

JSONata query and transformation language. Small introduction.